Xbox controller I use for my PC broke :(


So I was forced to order a Steam controller :smile:








IGN just gave it a 5.9 …any strats guys want to review? :stuck_out_tongue:


putting em under the back wheel of a car does often cause em to break. Me thinks you dont seem broken up at the fact you ““have”” to order a steam controller :wink:


Man I didn’t realize it was that bad. Just got a refund. Looks like i’ll just have to fix my 360 controller.


@Auth has one and has been promising an unboxing post with photos and a review. When I tried it at GDC and more recently at TwitchCon, I wasn’t too impressed. Felt very strange, like they were trying to be unconventional for the sake of being unconventional.


I will prioritize an unboxing and review tonight.


I agree…seems like it would feel awkward in the hands and accuracy with touch pads would be lower than a joystick. But I have never touched it :ok_hand:.


I haven’t read any reviews, but I’m wondering if you give it some proper time if it’d actually end up being a better controller. We’ve become so accustomed to the conventional controller that anything remotely different is going to feel weird at first, but it may genuinely become a more comfortable controller.

I look forward to reading @Auth’s review of it.


Well the main issue for me was that there’s no tactile feedback on a touch surface. That makes things difficult. You can likely get used to it of course but is that really better?


Completely fair statement, although without being able to try one for an extended period of time, I really have no idea how much better (if it all) it would be. I suppose we’ll have to wait for some extensive reviews to come out, and hopefully the reviewers actually give it a good test, not just the initial overview and feel of their first hour with the controller.


Sure, I mean the exact same argument was used when the first iPhone came out. Everyone said “it will be impossible to type because you can’t feel the keys under your fingers!”