XBox Multiplayer: Destiny, Titanfall, Etc


This thread is organized to network those in S&C who want to do multiplayer on the XBox One or 360. A few next generation titles, some of which are RPG-based, are set for release in the fall. For example, the Destiny beta is unlocked in mid-July 2014 with the game hitting shelves in early September. It would be sweet to play the beta with some of you and develop an S&C group for when the game launches.

If you’re interested in some Xbox fun, please post the following:

  1. Your XBox gamertag
  2. Games you are interested in playing

As for my contribution, connect with me at:

  1. Gamertag: Tourmalet
  2. Titanfall, Destiny, Forza 5, The Elder Scrolls (once it hits the console, I may merge from my Mac account)

See you all online. Cheers!

Xbox One players

While I love this idea, I’m PS4life.


I wish there was a way to cross-platform multiplayer within games, but sadly I don’t think it works that way.

I’m pretty console neutral. While I recognize the computing superiority of the PS4, I didn’t want to give up my longstanding Xbox online ID. Plus, fingers crossed that Kinect might one day be cool.

  1. Gamertag: dontcallmejames
  2. Titanfall, Destiny, Forza 5, Call of Duty: Ghosts, etc


Cancelled xbox live. #PCmasterRace


Anyone doing the Destiny Beta on XboxOne tomorrow? I’ll be on!


I played a couple hours last night since it opened early. I’ll be on a bunch tonight too. what an awesome game this is so far.


Great to hear! My download took a bit of time last night, so I went to bed. Going to try it out tonight.


I gotta say: after playing Destiny, the Elder Scrolls Online looks like a joke. Destiny has similar ingredients as TESO, but its executed a million times better.


My gamertag is: Tommy2118

I might check out the Destiny beta tomorrow night.


couldn’t find that gamertag on smartglass app. i’ll check on xbox when i get home.


I found you and added.


Thanks tommy, looking forward to playing online. There is a beta event Saturday from 4-8pm cst.


I’ll do my best to get on and play during that window of time. If I make it I’ll look you up.


Saw this and was wondering, is it worth it to get Titanfall on PC or should I hold out for a console?


It’s definitely a fun game. The xb1 multiplayer is smooth. They had some PC issues around launch, but those might have smoothed out. Are you planning to get an Xbox?


Not sure yet, the only games I’ve been Jonesin for are FF15 and Destiny. But now I think Destiny might be coming to PC. So I’m torn :frowning:


I did a bit of digging and I only managed to find this article referencing speculation that there’s a future PC release coming. That said, given the HEAVY console focus of the game, I personally worry it’s going to be a port that feels like one. Plus, even if it is dropping in March, I ain’t waiting that long :wink:

Though I might be convinced to pick it up on Steam summer sale next year if @PreshusKitty decides she want to play it.

Poll: What platform will you be playing Destiny on?

I’m with you. I’ll be getting it on PS4 even if it gets confirmed for a later PC launch. The game plays really well on the console and looks amazing. Plus the main selling point for me is my wife is a console gamer and I want to play it with her.

I might pick it up for PC someday. That’s what happened with Borderlands. I actually preferred Borderlands on the PS3 though.


I don’t think we can be friends anymore.