Xbox One Vault of Glass Group Recruitment And Preparation



Hey strategists,

I’ve been playing some Strikes and some PvP, and I would really like to get a group together on Xbox to do the raid. I’ve been grouping with fellow clanmantes @ZombieKarsh and @SKULLLER and we’ve been kicking ass and taking names. I also know that they played with another clanmate last night whose name I did not catch.

What I’d like to do is gather interest and see who would like to participate in the raid sometime in the coming weeks. In order to do this, we will need:
6 people
Level 26-28 characters
A free night to all meetup.

We have at least half the group already, but more people can sign up if they interested. We are not limited to 6! That being said, I’d like to try and get everyone into the raid that would like to participate.

What we need to do once we find our group is start doing strikes together so we can get to know each other’s playstyles and get the gear we need to level up to 25/26.

If you are interested, let me know and I will add you to the raid list.

Strat Raiders Pool

@lazybum965 = lazysback965 - 27 Hunter/Bladedancer
@SKULLLER - 27 Hunter/Bladedancer
@ZombieKarsh - 28 Warlock/Sunsinger
@Enjoi = Cloudrae - 27 Titan/Striker
@UltPotatoe - 27 Warlock/Voidwalker
@Jared_Everhart = Cloggedbird - 27 Hunter/Bladedancer
@ccberton = Colinisnothere - 26 Warlock/Sunsinger
@Espaceman = Tourmalet - 27 Warlock
@sixoseven = Sixoseven - 27 Hunter/Both Classes


Id love to join up with some fellow Xbox1 players. Ive been in Beijing working and will be returning stateside in a few days. Will be starting my destiny adventure this weekend. I’ll be behind on the level requirement for a couple weeks, but please keep me on the list for future raids.

I will probably be a warlock, unless anyone has advice otherwise.

IGN: Tourmalet

See you guys in game!


@ZombieKarsh Is my buddy who got me into this group. Currently 20 Titan Striker. Need some more gear but working on that now.


Im working on gearing for it, currently 24 Blade Dancer/Hunter looking to farm or rep grind HMU @ Cloggedbird


I think you will be really surprised at how quickly you will level up, at least to the 20 soft cap that is.

I had head that when Destiny was in development the designers wanted to mitagate the possiable concern of a, post launch, new player feeling like they were starting to far behind players that had been playing from go.

They did a pretty good job. Someone smarter then me can explain all the concepts they put in place to achieve this, but just know that you will be able to dive right in and you will be caught up in no time.


I’ll add you to the list Espaceman/Tourmalet.

I think you were the one they were playing with last night. I think I have already friended you from the Xbox One Gamertag Post from the other week. I’ll add you to the list.

I have also already friended you! I’ll add you to the list.


Yep most likely lol. Im now Level 22, about 10 light away from 23. I`ll check as I havent had any new friend requests other than SKULLLER Enjoi=“Cloudrae” XBL GT.


I’m aching to do this Raid. Send me a friend request if you haven’t already.

@lazybum965, you can write me down as Sunslinger for self-res and buffing allies. I think the cooldown buff I project will be important for cooling down your nades and supers.

Edit: currently level 26.


Gotcha, I have updated the list. We are close to doing this raid! Just need a few more @ level 25 and we are good to go. Then we can designate a raid night.

EDIT: Also I would like to attempt the level 26 heroic tonight if possible :3


Pen me in. Ult Potatoe on XBL. Already friends with lazy; I played with a few of you the other night. Currently level 24, so I need a bit more gear before I’m ready to try the raid.


Cant wait. Im stuck at level 24 right now…Need to get my Vanguard rank to level 2 but…I`m finding it hard for some reason…


I believe Strike Playlist + Bounties are the best way to get dat Vanguard. I’ll be on tonight to do the weekly and more strikes if no one else is on. I believe I am forcing @UltPotatoe to come with me as well :stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds good. Im Raging at the legendary cave for dropping Legendary items for everything other than my Titan Class…


Good luck guys, I hope you all post about your raid experiences here.


Yeah, good luck Xbox crew. You guys seem very organized and focused! Bring the gold home to Strats!


We will bring home the record for most deaths lol. JK. Thanks for the encouragement! =D


Send me a request, im a level 25 warlock my gamertag is Colinsnothere


@lazybum965 we need to get this going! Can you get a hard cap of people that can devote the time and pick a date? Also it would be helpful if we had someone who can help us navigate the VoG as well, perhaps someone here on the Xbone side that has done it already?


@Enjoi you’re right, we need to get this together. As long as we have a group of 25’s/26’s we should be able to do the raid. I will make a strawpoll to see what nights work best for everyone, and then we can pick a night from there. I will post the strawpoll below and tag everyone who is leveled enough to attempt the raid.


Please reply to this strawpoll when you get a chance, @Enjoi @ZombieKarsh @UltPotatoe @SKULLLER @Jared_Everhart @ccberton

After we have decided on a good night, we can work out more details. Like who will host the raid, what time, etc.

The leader (or everyone) should also study up and watch a video of the raid being done by “professionals.” If anyone has a good video they want to reference, lemme know.