Xbox Scorpio specs revealed


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Here’s the skinny:

So what is everyone’s opinion on this? I feel like it’s a terrible mistake. Games will still be bottlenecked by the original XB1. It’s great to release patches to increase performance but you still must design the game on a base level for XB1.

Single-player games might be great but multiplayer must still consider the XB1. It’s not as if you can just turn down the graphics as on PC; your system is stuck there. On my PS4 I can already notice an ~2-second difference in BF1 multiplayer loading times when playing with a friend who has a Pro. Will a jump like this cause an even larger gap between XB1 and Scorpio users?


If this is legit, the scorpio isn’t the console everyone is making it out to be. Aint no way in hell this is doing native 4k gaming, and what I have heard is they are doing something similar to what sony is to achieve “4k” like checkerboarding. This just looks like a slightly better PS4 Pro IMO. Everyone shit on the Pro but the Scorpio is getting well received. I thinks its because of the horrible way Sony marketed it.


I was never quite sure why the rumors started that this Scorpio project was going to be an entirely new console rather than a mid cycle refresh.


not sure how i feel about it. as one of the only longtime xbox fanboys on this site, i feel some sort of obligation to defend it based on my bias and hatred for sony fanboys (jk). but i really don’t understand yet how they’re going to handle the aforementioned bottleneck. I haven’t really been keeping up on the buzz behind it, but in the back of my head i’ve been really thinking about buying another xbox for the office to maybe do some streaming or something. maybe i’ll just have to purchase this thing and try it out myself. I do want to see more reviews once we get closer to release or even after release when people get their grubby paws on the hardware.

this is how us xbox fans felt the first go around. everyone shit on the xbox one, but not all of the reasoning was sound. this is the internet we’re talking about, it’s a fickle thing. you never know how things will be received until they’re put out there.


It sounds stronger than the xb1, but for me personally it isn’t doing much. Hopefully this system gets MS to invest harder into first party studios and give the the creative and financial freedom to develop new IPs. Hardware has never been their biggest struggle to me; its been the first party exclusives.

Guess we’ll see what E3 has to offer.

Edit: also the final pricing will have an important impact on it


Seriously. Its just a response to the Pro. I bet M$ didn’t even have any plans for the Scorpio. It just seems like a response to the Pro. It’s seriously too late for M$ for this generation. A majority of the people buying the Scorpio will be the people who already own an XB1, which will flood the used sale market with them. Same concept with the PS4 Pro, and this is why I never understood why either of them would want to do this.

They started off better than Sony, but at the moment, Sony has well surpassed them. I agree, they need to focus on games. They’ve canceled some, and who knows if they have plan to cancel more. Is Forza, Halo, and Crackdown enough to pitch a sale of the Scorpio? I usually get new consoles when they come out, and I’ll probably trade in my Xbox S for the Scorpio, but honestly, I don’t even see the benefit as to why. Until they show me something, it’s just an XB1 Pro.

Edit: Word on the street was that it could run VR games for the Oculus Rift. I haven’t heard anything in a while about this though. This would be huge and would push a ton of units. PSVR has been the best selling VR system so far, and it’s obviously because of the price of the unit.


Welp, looks like Square Enix is among the first companies to say where they stand:

Maybe we’ll get lucky and this will be the only generation they try this mid-cycle upgrade with. The PS4 Pro was quite underwhelming, and something of an embarrassment for fanboys, I expect; here’s hoping it’s just an all-around, unappreciated shit-show by all companies and they don’t try this shit again :wink:


any idea what the current number of Oculus units there are? I could see this helping boost both systems, but considering Oculus has had a price cut recently, I suspect it isn’t doing well on its own merits.

@Auth I wish Square would stop that. They have such a good gaming library and still opt to limit the games to just one platform. Spread the love baby!


I don’t think that they’re saying they’re going to limit making XB1 titles, they’re just implying that they aren’t going to go out of there way to make improvements just for the sake of the mid-cycle upgrade, opting instead to focus their efforts on a brand new console.