XBOX1 Crota's End Recruitment

As the title implies, I’m interested in putting together a group to run Crota’s End raid. If anyone would like to participate, please post up your gamertag, and general availability. Perhaps we could get a run through going during the Xmas break week.

Great idea! I really why to see the Xbox side grow.

PSA: I’m joining a group to do Crota’s End (normal mode) this afternoon (1/15) at 2PM CST. If any Xbox1 players are interested in, let me know.

We finally cleared Crota’s End on normal this afternoon. It was a mix of UK and US guys blasting hive. We used a left-side strategy, with a level 32 sword bearer; worked like a charm.

I pulled Light of the Abyss (ship), Light in the Abyss (fusion rifle, its great!), Cryptograph (shader), and some materials.

I won’t be level 32 for a bit, so hard mode may need to wait.

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