Xesty: Content Manager by day, Gamer by night, Father 24/7


Hey Everyone,

tl;dr My name is Matt and my gaming handle is Xesty. You can find me here, here, and here

Now for those of you who actually want to read! I started gaming back in 1998 when I was 11 with the release of Tribes and actually met one of the developers through my grandmother (they had coffee every morning and chatted about books). The one thing he said that has stuck with me and I can’t thank him enough is, “if you love playing games, don’t make them.”

My gaming history spans both PC and consoles (N64/Gamecube/PS3) and I mostly play racing, shooters, mmos, and adventure games.

I am 29 years old, married and we just had our first kid, a baby girl! With that comes lots of changes but we are all figuring out how get along and adjust haha. I am a content manager for a meeting solutions company which basically means I work the majority of my time in XML and the rest in php/html/css/javascript (once i learn more php & javascript ill be moving more into that role) and I help my other content guys get things done/teach them the ways of clients and content.

I live stream on twitch when I have time (which isn’t very often anymore): here
I post random stuff to twitter: here
My sandbox website i tend to mess around on when i am bored: here


Welcome to Strats! You sounds like a lot of us here trying to balance work, friends, family, and gaming. I’m glad you joined though we have a great group of people that plays all types of games here. What games are you currently playing?


Hey mate, welcome to the party! Let us know if you have any questions or run into any issues :wink:


Welcome to Strats! It’s always good to see more creative types join a community. Enjoy your stay.


nice to meet ya @Xesty. Welcome to strats, its a really great place with really fun people.

Hope to game some time, and congrats on the new addition :smile:


Was good chatting with you earlier today. Again, welcome to Strats.


Currently playing BDO, Overwatch, BF1, NMS, Subnautica (just picked this one up the other night). Might possibly get back into The Division if they fix the bugs lol.


Hello there Matt!

You might dig hanging out in our #hack channel on Discord.


Welcome to strats!! :slight_smile:


Welcome to StratsCo good sir!


:pc: Why thank you good sir! :pc:




Welcome aboard!


Welcome to Strats! I restocked the fridge, so here’s a :beer:!


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