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I usually post interesting gaming news on Discord, but that pretty much gets lost back in time so, no more!
Soon i will be posting my daily gaming news finds here. Mostly what i find interesting and fun!

In the mean time…

And this will you once i start :stuck_out_tongue:


Speaking of CD PROJEKT. Where’s Cyberpunk 2077 (or whatever year it is)?


A quick hit on Webcrawler says right here.

Edit - Not really impressed with that teaser trailer.


Its coming along. Latest news Here

To understand a bit more about the world, check out this video:

I can understand your PoV. But to actually appreciate the teaser, i think one needs to know a bit about the world of Cyberpunk. I did enjoy the teaser.

Here are some Cyberpunk Related links

Remember we didn’t get to see much of Witcher 3. The main difference was that we already had 2 games, we knew the lore and of course, we knew Geralt of Rivia.

I guess they are taking their time to give us a huge epic adventure. Witcher 3 without any DLC is a damn big game by itself that is also really damn good IMHO.

EDIT: Behind the Scenes of Cyberpunk 2077 Teaser


When you know you fucked up… More shame to Hello Games.

Amazon releases two videos, showing what game developers can achieve with its Lumberyard Engine

We all know this is based on the architecture of CryEngine and what Star Citizen is using now.
The first video doesnt look bad.


@xploz1on, rather than keep updating the same thread, you should create new threads so that they are more easily followed. You can use the link feature:


I don’t like that feature. My idea is to create a one pit stop with info. Not spam the forums with lots of posts.




What about starting a fresh thread every week then? I think if you keep one going forever there’s the potential for a lot of discussion to get jumbled and lost; weekly thread changes would keep things more readable without appearing as spam, IMO :wink: