Xur (11/14/14)

Xur This Week

Titan: The Armamentarium (13 SC)
Hunter: Crest of Alpha Lupi (13 SC)
Warlock: Voidfang Vestments (13 SC)
Weapon: The Last Word Hand Cannon (23 SC)
Exotic Engram: Helmet (23 MoL)

5 Pulse Rifle Telemetry (1 SC)
5 Hand Cannon Telemetry (SC 1)
5 Shotgun Telemetry (SC 1)
Emerald Coil (23 SC)
Void Drive Vehicle (23 SC)
Heavy Ammo Synthesis (SC 1)

Obligatory video of someone wrecking in PvP with The Last Word


I picked up my Last Word this weekend as well. Its been good in PVP. I used to us TDYK (maxed), but I’m starting to like the rapid fire for closer encounters. Range is sacrificed, though.

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I’m loving tlw it’s so much fun to use.

So I picked up TLW for 23 strange coins on Saturday… Did the raid Sunday morning and looted… TLW!!!

Every. Damn. Time. :wink:

The guy in this PVP video must be competing with the same “Guardians” @JohnOnTheRocks was competing with when he won a Rumble match only pressing R1. Garbaggeeeeee

Lies! TitanMasterRace can do it in any rumble match*

*Preferably in a very tiny map.