Xur (11/28/14)


GET IT WHILE IT’S HOT! No but really nothing is on sale… Prices are the same as normal unfortunately, but there is still good news ahead.

Location: By the crucible vendors

Titan: The Armamentarium (13 SC)
Hunter: Crest of Alpha Lupi (13 SC)
Warlock: Voidfang Vestments (13 SC)
Weapon: Plan C (17 SC)
Engram: Gauntlets (23 MoL)

Pulse Rifle Telemetry (1 SC)
Fusion Rifle Telemetry (1 SC)
Rocket Launcher Telemetry (1 SC)
Plasma Drive (23 SC)
Emerald Coil (23 SC)

Plan C Review, if anyone has any question.

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Where is this mysterious creature named Xur? I am blind this morning it seems

Edit: Found him downstairs by the crucible vendors in plain site…duh!

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Sorry I should have put that in there.

No biggie
Plan C is rediculous. I have zero upgrades on it and crushing in Crucible right now. Everyone needs a Plan C regardless of your Plan A or Plan B.

Even if you have no back up plans?

No backup plan is best backup plan; if they’re close enough for a fusion rifle, they’re close enough you can punch them in their stupid face :wink:

That said, I’m totally buying Plan C; first Xur purchase in almost a month because he keeps bringing me shit I don’t want.

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Truth. I think he’s brought The Armamentarium for Titans three weeks in a row now.

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Think I’ll grab the hunter chest just cuz… I’m swimming in strange coins lol

Ok about there too. Still have to do the heroic on my titan.

I think the Plan C was one of my first exotic weapons, and I got it from a legit drop. Awesome fusion rifle, but unfortunately since I have it, nothing for me this Xurday :frowning:

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