Xur (17 Oct)

So, I’m still up right now. Managed to find Xur, he’s on the way to the ship lady. When you get to the hanger area look to your right; he’s stood against the rail not 20 feet from you. This week he sells:

Titan: The Armamentarium (chest)
Hunter: Achylophage Symbiote (last week’s helm)
Warlock: Light Beyond Nemesis (AKA @Dynamible’s helm ;))
Weapon: Truth (Rocket Launcher)
Engram: Exotic Body Armor

Contrail colors for the week are Green and Red.


Awesome, I forgot that it was Xurday today, lol. Was just about to head to bed myself.

Quickly logged in, picked up the Truth, and decided to get the body armor engram and I ended up with This! :smiley:

Been a good Xurday for me :smile:

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That is a pretty sweet chest piece. Worth waiting up for I’m sure!.

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Hmmm…Truth for my Hunter ( I currently have Unfriendly Giant w/ Solar damage) or get Light Beyond Nemesis for my Warlock? I don’t have enough coins for both.

Also would it be worth it to pick up the Engram if I already have a Raid Chest piece for my hunter, and take a gamble for a Warlock chest piece? Or just save my motes?

Hunter is my primary.
What would you do? I can’t decide…


Noooooooooooooo! Now everyone is going to have my helmet😭 ps I can’t believe you are still up, what would your mother say😦

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I’m not really a fan of that chest piece. It only has one stat? Heavy ammo upgrades aren’t great for PvP. Eh…

Nothing I want. Don’t have enough coin anyway. Maybe next week I can do a little shopping with the Xur man.

A good day indeed.

Get the helm. It’s not bad (added bonus: it’ll annoy @Dynamible) and you’re going need either a raid helm (hard mode only drop) or an exotic to hit 30. Also, that rocket is decent, but I think Gjallarhorn is better.

I’m actually not overly put off by it. I think it’s a pretty decent either-subclass armor piece. That extra grenade using flashbang or pulse grenade could be serious business and extra ammo is extra ammo; it’s nobody’s fault but your own that you can’t kill so many people you hit heavy ammo cap in pvp :wink:


You mother trucker.

Shouldn’t you be out buying a new microphone? J/k

They say that mimicry is the highest form of flattery… Or something like that.




Can confirm, he was singing this last night. (May have been sleep deprived)