Xur (Dec 12)

Here’s what Xur’s got for us this week:

Ruin Wings (Gauntlets)

Here you can also see the upgradeable exotics for this week. These will upgrade to 300 damage (weapons) and 30 light (armor). You just upgrade them to get them higher level version and get your perks back. Upgrades cycle so get them while you can.

Achlyophage Symbiote (Helmet)

Voidfang Vestments (Chest Armor)

Truth (Rocket Launcher)

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I like the pictures! II shady upgraded my icebreaker and light beyond. Level 31 here I come. I also bought the titan gloves.

I just bought some vanguard gloves and boots. Still got my VoG Raid chest piece + Exotic helm + chest piece I can alternate between.

This took me to 29, and I’m still leveling a lot of my gear. Hopefully I’ll be 30+ soon.

Just keep turning in bounties and you will be good.

Working on it. Hoping to get a decent amount of time on Saturday. Going out for drinks tonight after hockey for my birthday, and got a family get together on Sunday.

I live with the gf now so it’s both easier and harder to get time. Easier for me to just say hey going to play some video games for a bit, harder to find the time where I can do that haha.

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I basically have no gear except for Hawkmoon to upgrade, but I was able to pick up Achlyophage Symbiote – should now be able to get to 30 with another piece of Vanguard gear at the reset (need more marks) and maxing everything I have.

I also picked up Truth, though I’m not sure that was advisable since I’m not exactly swimming in coins. But I haven’t done this week’s weekly and given that + next week’s I shouldn’t have any problem if he has like Ice Breaker or Gjagerbomb next week.

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