Xur has the Universal Remote; guess I'm going to play some Destiny



For those that weren’t playing back in the day with us here at Strats, you might not know how badly I wanted one of these. Now that I can buy one from Xur, I guess that means it’s time to play a bit-o-Destiny :wink:


They are so OP in PvP.


waves Thorn


Got 2; also, you can’t run shotty/sniper with Thorn :wink:


But isn’t Thorn a sniper too? Heh.

I’ve always wanted to practice my sniping skills. Hats off to those who can pull it off.


If it can’t delete someone from across the map with one headshot, it ain’t a sniper :wink:

For note: Shotty/Fusion rifle is another great combo for being an in-your-face bruiser too (and some of us still don’t have a damn Mythoclast).