Xur is back

IMPORTANT EDIT: You can only have ONE exotic weapon and ONE exotic armor piece equipped at a time. If you like what you have from last week and want to save your Strange Coins I’d encourage you to do so.

Xur is back but in a different place this week. This week he is standing in front of a closed gate right across from the speaker’s spire. This week he Offers the Helm of Inmost Light for Titans, Lucky Raspberry for Hunters, and Sunbreakers again for Wralocks. For the weapon he offers the rocketlauncher Gjallarhorn (Looks like you couldn’t go 2/2, Hyjack). Also this week you have the option to convert resources into strange coins! Options are:

2401 Glimmer to 1 coin

77 Spinmetal to 1 coin

77 Spirit Bloom to 1 coin


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Thanks for info!

Also as a note you can only do the Glimmer to 1 coin one time. This could be once a day though

Excellent. Time to get an exotic helm for my Striker spec and buy glove to replace the exotic ones from last week. I also get to finish the bounty for Bad Juju now!

I don’t know how i feel about that hunter chest piece. I just finished fully upgrading the vanguard one do you guys think its worth it?

Think it might be situational based on it’s non-armor upgrades. Like if they’d be usefull to you

@Sw1shaaSweet you are going to get a ton more light and defense with the exotic chest piece. If it were me, I’d save my coins, for something I absolutely must have.

Personally I think it is easy to get the coins now so if the price is still at 13~ I would not be saving any around ; ) With a couple of characters You can get quite a few coins from the weekly heroic.

I just got an exotic warlock chest piece but i play hunter should i break it down or vault it?

Vault it! @Sw1shaaSweet

I don’t really see a whole lot of value in the Exotic Chest armor. Usually the gloves or helm give a really good bonus. Maybe a quicker revive is good for the Crucible in small team games… but I just don’t see people wanting to equip unless its the only Exotic you have.

@Nubhugs Don’t Exotics give more light and defense? I don’t know :-/

I only have my gauntlets and armor to compare so maybe thats skewing my perception…

My gauntlets do like 30 light, exotic. My chest is looking like it will max at 25.

@SkullKontrol The Exotics do give more light and defense, I’m sure an Exotic chest has about 20-40 more defense and about 5-10 more light then the Legendary slot of that item. I just think that if you had more than 1 Exotic, you’d almost never wear the chest because they don’t give you enough incentive to wear it.

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@Nubhugs ahh ok I get your point, feeling a little thick this morning, too giddy anticipating Xur last night.

@SkullKontrol I know that feeling TOO well man. I was a little too excited last night knowing I was getting a major upgrade in the A.M. I’m just glad Titan got the goods this week. I missed out on the gauntlets last week. I really really debated on getting Gjallarhorn too, but I ended up because coins are really easy to come by now, and I just don’t know when I’ll get another Exotic weapon. I’m doing at least 7+ bounties a day and I still haven’t gotten an Exotic mission.

I have to get 10,000 exp in the Crucible for the next part of this exotic bounty. I’m just glad I actually enjoy the PvP in this. Apparently a kill is 50 exp and an assist is 30 from what I read. Hopefully won’t take long!

Which bounty are you doing?

The one for Bad Juju, the exotic pulse rifle.

Ugh. I HATE pulse rifles. I would complete it just to get the rifle so I can record myself dismantling it to prove to the world how much I hate pulse rifles.


Lmao. I actually really enjoy them. If you can get all the shots in, they can kill quicker than ARs. Apparently this one has cool perks like added stability, added precision when aiming from the hip and the main one where reloads are instant and you gain a short damage boost after a kill. INSTANT RELOADS.

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Man… Instant reload like… no animation? Can you imagine the clip going right back to max just from one kill? Please report findings ASAP.