Xur is in the Vanguard trainer room

Along the right side of the wall.

This is what he has for sale.

Red Death (23) – Link

Helm of Saint-14 (13) – Link

Achlyophage Symbiote (13) – Link

Sunbreakers (13) – Link

Exotic Helm Engram (23 motes)

source: ryokuichigara (reddit)

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Warlocks get the short end of the stick again!

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I realize it’s random (or seems to be if it works the same as the other vendors) but that’s just absurd.

My Xur Haul this A.M. Titan helm is not too bad, but when I spent my motes for the exotic engram and got that Warlock helm, I Almost raged. Looks like I need to make a Lock…

literally same thing happened to me. just scrapped it for those delicious shards

sadface…but shards are delicious!

Red death or Saint-14? I’m pretty conflicted with this one. I have an exotic helm and on the last task for bad juju so I’m stuck on what to go with this week. Any suggestions?

BadJuju is getting a buff soon too, the Helm looks awesome, but everyone seems to be rocking that. I’d hold off personally.

Damn Saint-14 was so cool when no one had it. I wanted it badly. Now everyone will have it and I don’t seem to want it as bad…

Well as for me I got another part done for bad juju so now I will spend some time in the crucible.

Also got the engram and got the warlock one so my alt lock is pretty happy. Hell it was alot easier to level him up then my titan haha!

I want that titan helm, but I’m 5 coins short.