Xur Loot and Location (5 Dec)

Because, you know, I’m still up, so why not, right?

Xur is hanging out in the hanger this week. As soon as you walk in and hit the ‘T’ intersection, look to your right; you can’t miss him. This week he’s got:

##Armor (13 SC)
Titan: Helm of Inmost Light
Hunter: Young Ahamkara’s Spine
Warlock: Light Beyond Nemesis

##Weapon (17 SC)
Plan C (again. Seriously, if you don’t own this and didn’t snag it last week, pick it up)

##Sparrow Upgrades
Void Drive (purple)
Stealth Drive (red)

Pulse Rifle Telemetry
Hand Cannon Telemetry
Machine Gun Telemetry
(It’s like he knew Bad Juju and Thorn were finally patched ;))

##Other Misc
Exotic Shard (7 SC)
Heavy Ammo Synthesis x5 (1 SC)



Don’t buy anything! The exotics next week will come upgraded and not require you to buy an exotic shard. This means you will save glimmer and strange coins.

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You still need an exotic shard to get the final upgrade on all Exotic items, so the only thing really worth purchasing right now is probably the Exotic shard, but other than that you’re correct. Not really worth purchasing the Plan C due to the upcoming changes.

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Alternatively, if you don’t want to gamble on getting the upgraded item you want and have the coins to spare (which we all do) get the Plan C and upgrade it; the odds of Xur having it again next week is pretty low :wink:

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I saw the odds of aa weapon being sold two weeks in a row was 0.16%

But… but I needs da helm!!!

You could buy it, but you will have to upgrade it later. The vangard will sell level thirty gear this week.

Eh that’s not a problem #over100coins