Xurday (11/21/14)

Xur This Week

Titan: No Backup Plan (13 SC)
Hunter: Young Ahamkara’s Spine (13 SC)
Warlock: Voidfang Vestments (13 SC)
Weapon: MIDA Multi-Tool Scout Rifle (23 SC)
Exotic Engram: Helmet (23 MoL)

5 Auto Rifle Telemetry (1 SC)
5 Fusion Rifle Telemetry (1 SC)
5 Machine Gun Telemetry (1 SC)
Void Drive Vehicle Upgrade (23 SC)
Stealth Drive Vehicle Upgrade (23 SC)

Hope there’s something out there for everyone!

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No Backup Plan is best Backup Plan :wink:

Is that scout rifle any good?
I’m thinking I wouldn’t end up using it enough to make it worth getting

You beat me to the post! Thank you!

I really wanted no back up plans, but I got raid gloves last night for my titan. It always works this way.

The scout rifle is pretty solid, but I think the Raid scout is probably a better option + Is a legendary, so you save yourself on that Exotic slot. It wouldn’t be a bad purchase if you’re not worried about coins, but if you got the Raid scout, you may as well stick with that.

@Auth I feel like you’ve said that before, lol.
@Dynamible No problem, I was just getting ready for bed, saw it was 5 after 4am, and realize it was Xurday. FIgured I’d check out what he had and in doing so noticed you hadn’t posted it up.

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No luck for me. I’m looking for 3 items in particular and have had zero luck getting any of them: Helm of Saint-14, Icebreaker, and Gjallarhorn. Xur has been disappointing me for many weeks now; helm engrams have not yielded me better luck.

No real use for the MIDA since I already have VOC maxed.