Xurday (11/21/14)



Xur This Week

Titan: No Backup Plan (13 SC)
Hunter: Young Ahamkara’s Spine (13 SC)
Warlock: Voidfang Vestments (13 SC)
Weapon: MIDA Multi-Tool Scout Rifle (23 SC)
Exotic Engram: Helmet (23 MoL)

5 Auto Rifle Telemetry (1 SC)
5 Fusion Rifle Telemetry (1 SC)
5 Machine Gun Telemetry (1 SC)
Void Drive Vehicle Upgrade (23 SC)
Stealth Drive Vehicle Upgrade (23 SC)

Hope there’s something out there for everyone!


No Backup Plan is best Backup Plan :wink:


Is that scout rifle any good?
I’m thinking I wouldn’t end up using it enough to make it worth getting


You beat me to the post! Thank you!

I really wanted no back up plans, but I got raid gloves last night for my titan. It always works this way.


The scout rifle is pretty solid, but I think the Raid scout is probably a better option + Is a legendary, so you save yourself on that Exotic slot. It wouldn’t be a bad purchase if you’re not worried about coins, but if you got the Raid scout, you may as well stick with that.

@Auth I feel like you’ve said that before, lol.
@Dynamible No problem, I was just getting ready for bed, saw it was 5 after 4am, and realize it was Xurday. FIgured I’d check out what he had and in doing so noticed you hadn’t posted it up.


No luck for me. I’m looking for 3 items in particular and have had zero luck getting any of them: Helm of Saint-14, Icebreaker, and Gjallarhorn. Xur has been disappointing me for many weeks now; helm engrams have not yielded me better luck.

No real use for the MIDA since I already have VOC maxed.