Xur's inventory for the weekend

Hey, Xur’s invintory has been posted up on reddit.

Sorry to throw back to Reddit. but to keep the discussion here I’m wondering what you guys think I should buy from him.

Here’s what I’m currently rocking: http://www.bungie.net/en/Legend/2/4611686018428923421/2305843009214779007#gear

Do you guys think I should buy the exotic warlock helmet from Xur or should I grab a few more coins and grab that exotic auto rifle?

I’m not a huge fan of the helm offered to Warlocks, I’d consider taking the auto rifle if you can afford it since you don’t have an exotic weapon yet and you can pass it along to other characters. I’m holding onto my coins for now as I already have an exotic rocket launcher I’m rather fond of and got the Thorn bounty last night. I did decided to gamble on the exotic helm, however, and got an exotic hunter helm, which I promptly broke down into shards :wink:

The auto rifle will be nerfed. The helmet is so so. If you have limited coins, maybe just save them and focus on leveling up your existing equipment till you hit 26, then start raiding.

Full Disclosure, I bought both but I had an excess of coins this week b/c I didn’t buy anything last week :smile:

Dang it’s hard to not buy anything. I was a coin short last week so now I’m itching. I just need 6 coins to get the rifle and I haven’t done the weekly strike yet.

I went for the titan chest because it looks awesome and I guess a bit better stat-wise compared to my old fwc chest. Looks before stats yo! Gotta look good while punching baddies!

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I had to read this twice, I thought baddies = babies…LOL
I was thinking damn this guy is hardcore!


Hahaha well war is hell!

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Auto Rifle is not a good choice??? Looks like an awesome exotic!

It is awesome, don’t get me wrong. If you are low on coins and are debating, on what to get, either the Autorifle or the Warlock helmet, I recommend just waiting if you are lean on coins . If you have coins all day, or don’t really care too save them, by all means get the AR.

I bought one, once you unlock the focus fire on it, you’ll be hip firing quite a bit, I found.

The AR’s are getting nerfed next week. They are going to at the minimum, nerf the damage auto rifles do at long range.