Yay PvP Exploiters!



I mean, it happens in every game, why should WildStar be any different?


Sucks to be on the receiving end of something like that. Is that a new exploit post patch? I did not see that happening prior to drop2.


No idea. I’ve submitted the link to Carbine via ticket; hopefully it gets sorted out.


holy crap i give you a ton of credit for lasting as long as you did. i would’ve quit that match after they were up in the spawn.


You should submit this to r/wildstar.


Problem is, if I do, how many more people will start utilizing it? This is one of those times when I’m all about “less is more” and keeping it on the DL until it gets sorted. Maybe after I hear back from support :wink:


Everyone will be doing it shortly. Grab the promotion for your channel. How long has it been? Maybe it’s already too late.


Well, r/Wildstar rules state we’re not to submit

Anything that violates or encourages the violation of the Carbine EULA (exploits, hacking, sites that cater to these kinds of things, etc).[/quote]

So I’m worried I’ll get dinged for posting the video :worried: