Yes, I still play ESO



I didn’t get to vote, but yes, I am still playing.

Why did I leave Strats within ESO?

Short answer? I needed room for guild stores. :frowning:

It’s sort of a fundamental flaw of the game, but some people really think the guild stores are a super awesome idea. They claim it makes it harder for gold sellers to tank the economy with the little guild-controlled stores. I am not a huge fan. I actually have to get rid of social guilds for monster 500 people store guilds just so I have a way to sell and buy what I need. Which SUCKS because I like social guilds! But I also like selling stuff. Arrrgh.

And the store fronts they just added only solve half of that problem; you can BUY through other guild stores, but not sell through them. So yes, I’ll still need to be a member of at least 3 big store guilds.

Anyway… that’s my main gripe with the game. I still do enjoy it, actually, mainly because I haven’t rushed anything. VR6 now, just started on the Daggerfall Covenant quests. It has been a nice meandering time for me and my boyfriend, slowly doing quests together and that’s pretty much it.

But I harbor no illusions about what the game will be for me at VR12. Will I still be playing it then? We’ll see! But there are armor dyes now. FINALLY! :smiley: