You can now accept answers as "solving" your issue in relevant categories


New stuff

When you post a topic in Meta (this) and some other categories soon to be created, you will now have a new option icon on people’s replies.

This will allow you to select someone’s reply as a correct answer to whatever your issue or question was.

You’ll also be able to see what questions have been solved on the topic listings and see a direct link to the solving post in the OP.


There are two new badges associated with answering people’s questions: Little Helper and Tech Support. Both of these are granted automatically when you received your first “answered” flag and when you accumulate 10 answers, respectively.

Mobile site credentials problem

Example correct answer.


Nifty little idea here. Gj :slight_smile:


I like it.


This is pretty nice. Now people will fight to be the first to answer questions.


Niiiiiice! I like this feature. :smile: