You can now link to tags similar to usernames


You already know you can link to usernames by prefixing @ and then typing out the name. e.g. @Auth

Now, you can link to categories and tags by prefixing # and then autocompleting. e.g. #gear or #albiononline

This makes tags extra useful and I’m planning on making them more useful going forward. To that end, it would be awesome if you tag your posts with the game title and platform name. :wink:

Happy posting!


This is groovy. I’ve been hoping for additional functionality with the tags.

Next up: Let’s expand tags to the user profiles! :poop:


Interesting idea. What would you tag? Maybe which platforms you have? What games you have?


That was the idea I had. I think I suggested this to @tommy2118 a few weeks or months ago.

Rather than having these wiki-posts full of tags, Steam names, etc, we could just enter that information on our Strats user profiles.

In addition, if there was some way to expand the tags to the user profile, then when a person searches for “ps4” or “overwatch” then they will get a list of everyone who has that on their profile, potentially displaying everyone who owns a PS4 or who plays Overwatch.

Set usernames in your profile preferences

Ah, yeah that makes sense. That’s more along the lines of custom fields.