You can only mention 10 people in a post


So i was adding an alternative member to our 10 man raid for Wednesday when i got this message.

You can only mention 10 people in a post.

Well that was a surprise to me but i’m sure there are reasons for it. Kinda sucks that i can only mention 10 people in a post about my raid when the raid limit is 10 people. So i guess i can’t mention my alternatives. To clarify when i say mention i’m talking about using the @ and the person’s name.

Not sure what the reasoning behind this is but i just thought i’d bring it up as it does effect my raid groups. If this is a hardware thing that can’t be changed then so be it but if it is an arbitrarily number perhaps we can increase it to 15 so i can get my alternatives mentioned in my post also.


This is mostly to prevent spam and people mentioning a ton of names in order to get their topic read or something. It just seemed like if you’re mentioning that many people there is likely a better way to go about it.

Having said that, your use case makes sense so I’ve increased the number to 20, for now. Note that new users are still limited to only 2 mentions per post.


Thanks i appreciate it.