You guys are uber



Finally sat down to give it a good play and you’re all levels 10+ :smile:

Soloing it is…


I thought you were going to play with Mrs. Vocino? That sounds like a group to me :wink:


This weekend.


You’re a hyper-advanced AI, I’m sure you can figure something out.

You could start by posting in the LFG category :wink:


This post was like watching Gladiator.

Today I saw a slave become more powerful than the Emperor of Rome.


I’m still level 3 because my child keeps begging for his chance to play. I try to distract him with Call of Duty, LEGO, Minecraft, Shrek movies… but he knows what’s up when I leave the room.


Made level 10 today…we already have some level 22’s lol


I know I’m not on PS4, but damn I’m over here still rocking level eight!


Hey, I have no problems repeating content, and as far as the story missions go there seems to be a kind of soft scaling that happens. I’ve replayed content about 5 levels below my level and didn’t feel like superman.

So just hit me up if you see me online (I’m “zxcjustin” on PSN) and I will join your fireteam.


Yep, I think they’ve capped your damage output so even if you go back to replay content where you’re much higher level, you won’t be one shotting everything and walking through unopposed.

One of my friends didn’t have a chance to play release day so I was a good 7 levels ahead of him. We opted to go through and play the missions on “Hard” which brought it closer to my rank, although this did mean that he was outranked by about 3 levels by the enemy. He still was gaining a fair chunk of XP this way, and we were able to shoot him through the story missions he hadn’t completed yet, while letting me tank most of the damage.