Your First Online Vehicle: Show It Off!

##Let’s talk a few things over:
For those who haven’t played GTA 5 (specifically the Online portion before) did you know you get a free vehicle of your choice?!

If you missed the gearhead thread, I recommend you have a look-see; there’s a link to a huge spreadsheet of almost every car available in the previous iterations of GTA 5 Online and it should help you decide what you might want.

After completing the prologue for the online portion of GTA 5 (a race with a character named Lamar) and completing the opening job (a drug heist), you’ll be prompted to make a visit to Los Santos Customs. Starting at that precise moment, it’s time to begin shopping around.

##Whatever vehicle you drive through the chop shop’s doors will be yours!
Well, almost any vehicle. You cannot select the following types of vehicles:

##Don’t Freak Out!
There are still a ton of vehicle options available for your first freebie :wink: I recommend you cruise the streets for a bit and track down something that speaks to you. When you climb in it, check the upper-left of your screen; if the vehicle is ineligible it will inform you that it’s “Too Hot.” If that happens, just rummage about and find something different.

To my knowledge, there isn’t a single vehicle that’s completely unobtainable (maybe the previous collector edition ones for us newbies?). In any instance, if you’re starting a fresh Online character, choose that first car well…

##…and let’s see some pictures posted :wink:


As long as I can have my El Camino.

Edit - And my radio will have Carry On Wayward Son on repeat.

Edit2 - 8-track


El Camino; :+1:awesome, bismess in front party in the back.

We need some pics of all of us riding around in the back.

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I can ACTUALLY see the mullet, jean cut off shorts and questionable life choices now.

Also, I will definitely post my Baller as soon as I get to the bad part of town and steal it.

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I was playing last night on PS3 and El Camino’s are everywhere!

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I needed some room for you guys. Check out my Ride!


Best I can do for now with about an hour of playtime. Can’t wait to upgrade my mom-van to Strats colors. I think whats the coolest crew feature is the Strats emblem on the cellphone background.


What I brought back to Simeon before heading into Online last night:

First ride!

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Here’s my ride! I think this is my first car from when I played on 360.


Where’s our group picture from last night? They are probably hilarious…

Calling @tommy2118 :wink:


Our characters look amazingly similar. Time to hit the store…

without a thumb drive…how are you getting pictures to post here? im stumped…i thought we could use our instamatic camera or something. help!!! i wanna post my whips!

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Take the in-game pic, upload it to your Social Club accoutn and link from there to the forums :wink:

No picture since I was in a hurry, but I snagged the clerk’s jeep from the 7-11 and high-tailed it out of there. Not a very practical ride in terms of getaways (especially now since it is repainted a nice burnt orange color) nor races, but maybe I can armor it up for some shootouts.

Or do some beachcombing for babes.


I couldn’t be bothered with the social club thing, so I did end up using a thumb drive… I was taking selfies with my car, and then couldn’t find where the pics went.

A splash of color makes all the difference. I’m glad they lock so many upgrades behind levels, it gives a good incentive to level up.

this is my Strats Crew ride

This is my badass driver…the corvette wanna be


Represent Strats 100%

Bring home the cheddar, girls got to make a living.


White guy with strats crew t-shirt? That sounds like it would be common here, heh.

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