Your Initial Destiny Impressions? Spoilers Ok



I’m curious to see what everyone’s impression of Destiny is so far. What you like the most, the least? Tips? Random ramblings? Do tell?

I don’t think it’s the greatest thing ever but damn, for me its the perfect convergence of things that hit the right spot for me. Its like Diablo, Warframe, Borderlands, Mass Effect, all rolled up into one vignette after another.

I like the teamplay aspect of it, we were playing a brutal strike, and after we all died, we tighten up our team work, focused in on our tactics and strategy and just nailed it. We were all juiced after we completed the strike, just a great feeling.

The only thing I dislike so far is the fusion rifle, I’m not sure why its in the game, seems like they could have replaced it or removed it all together.

Only meaningful tips for Guardians who want to be frugal with their glimmer is to:
Avoid buying a sparrow, if you get all 5 golden chests on earth they give you one.
Avoid buying a new spaceship, you’ll be awarded one a little later in the game. (Not the starter spaceship)

One last thing, I was playing on Venus and I kept getting very nice armor (3 uncommon pieces in a row)with Scout Rifle buffs, I don’t really use Scout rifles but it felt like Destiny wanted me to roll with a Scout Rifle for this particular section of game. So I went with it…and sure enough come boss time, the Scout Rifle wrecked this particular boss, some of this ‘conspiracy’ is probably sleep deprivation but it was weird. I’m wondering if anyone else had similar experiences?


I’ll be short and sweet, since I don’t think anyone’s played enough to give it a legitimate review yet.

I think it’s really fun. It’s smooth, it’s enjoyable, and just, the only real word you can use is fun. At the end of the day though, it’s what you make of it, and if you enjoy shooting the crap out of shit with your friends, then it’s a fun game. I’m just glad there are so many different things to do with your friends and I think that’s what’s gonna make it last for me.


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Just like this.


So far I’m really diggin’ the game.

I had a blast last night in a fire team with other people from Strats and look forward to teaming up again. We tried a little bit of everything except the Crucible, and it was a pretty smooth process. I’m glad they don’t punish you for disconnecting. We had a person get disconnected at the end of a strike but thankfully they were able to jump back in with no penalty while we stalled the boss.

Now out of the beta content, I’m really looking forward to seeing the game ramp up with the new things.


I’m loving the game so far. I’m stuck at work right now and all i can think aboutbis logging back on and kicking some fallen ass! The teamwork is killer i dont like how co-op is tackled in some games but i feel like destiny really nailed it.

As far as tips go the only one im really going to throw out there is for the summoning pits final boss @SkullKontrol nows about this too, if you wany to get that crit damage you gotta shoot him in the dick.


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Man where to start…this game for me is awesome. Ive never been really good at FPS games but i love this one. being on a Fire Team with 2 other people is sooooo much fun…even if they are carrying me…lol. The story is great and the graphics are even better. Just starting to get to the level where you get some good loot drops and weapons. I cant wait until i can get on today and do some more wrecking!!


I relate to this completely.
This has just enough extra stuff thrown in the mix for me to still consider it a shooter, but be more in my wheelhouse. I think they’ve done a very good job with this game.