Your Super Villain Name and Title!


Yeah that’s right, this is a shitpost. What about it?


Devil Brain: The Mercenary of Europe!


Grey Stalker: The General of Death


Dark Killer: The Ruler of Men


Black Lord: The Mistake of the Future


Poison Tempter: The Rogue of Gotham


White Lord: The Keeper of Asia
apparently I’m from an alternate history comic where Britain was even nastier to places like China and Africa and sent their super villains out to “keep the peace”


Star Tyrant: Mercenary of the Future!


Killer Sword: The Hated of Lust



Red Doctor, The Reviled of Death

This is a terrible game.


Quake Wizard: Abolisher of Men…

My wife’s is:
Sonic Wizard: The Silencer of Women


Dark Killer: The Keeper of Europe… dunno how I feel about that, lol

My wife’s is much better than mine; Black Killer: The Silencer of Men

@Auth: How does it feel to know you’re the mistake of the future? lol :stuck_out_tongue:


It means I’ve got something catastrophic to look forward to, I guess. Yay?


Hey, at least you got something to look forward to… Not sure if that’s good for you and bad for humanity, or the other way around.


I guess you may call me Dark Killer: The Monarch.
I’ll be taking that sparkly crown now, mmkay? Kay!
And I should team up with @NVS_1 and @Bradum
Apparently we’re part of a Dark Killer assassin club.



This is endlessly beyond perfect for this scenario.


Lol. The hated of lust.


Killer Shot: The Immortal of Men

That doesn’t even work. I’m a part of mankind, but immortal. Low quality shitpost.