Youtube Gaming Coming Soon


Just heard about a new service supposedly coming this summer. Anyone else aware of YouTube Gaming and will it be a serious competitor for Twitch? Is Twitch too big already? I guess it would be convenient to have all your streams and videos together.


To be toppled? Probably, but there’s room for other services given the number of people streaming these days. The only way I see YouTube providing a solid competition is if they offer features that Twitch keeps behind a wall from most players (automatic adjustment of stream quality and the ability to stream above 3.5kb/s, for example).


So Youtube or Twitch, where’s Strats going to plant their flag. Only time will tell…


Honestly, if YouTube does it well, we’ll probably just have teams on both. There will always be people who prefer using one service or the other for watching or streaming, regardless of the perks/penalties :wink:


Yes there are people who insist on being indie and stream on Forge.


Heck, is another great example of people refusing to accept change, even after numerous warnings that it was coming down


YouTube already does this for you if you use it for streaming.


I do wonder if the consoles will offer ability to stream with YouTube Gaming. That might help the service grow if YouTube has a plan to provide more options and services for console users.


I can only hope that Sony picks it up, and with that comes Google Drive support, etc.