YouTube, Monetization, and You (Resources Available)


Back in October, I signed up my YouTube channel to be a part of a MCN called ScaleLab. They were a cool group, but honestly, I just felt weird not being a part of YouTube themselves for my content. Plus I wasn’t pushing out enough content to really gain the benefits of the MCN anyway.

Well, when I switched back, it turns out that YouTube had gotten very strict over the six months I had been out of their network, because now NONE of my games can be monetized without proof of use for those resources. This is a huge pain in the ass, because I’ve got close to 350 videos I need to go back through and validate.

I’m not sure if anyone else is doing this as well, but if you are, you know how badly this process sucks. So in an effort to make life easier for all of us, I’ve decided to use this thread as a catch all for any games that you might be streaming where the developers themselves have stated in some fashion that it is okay to use their content for monetization purposes. If it’s online, the link should suffice. If it’s a physical copy you’ve received, instructions on how to go about receiving one for your channel would be enough, and so forth. As they come in, I can compile them together and have them available below.


**Daybreak Games** - **Electronic Arts** - **Nintendo** - Doesn't allow monetization, however offers a new program in order to monetize some of their IPs under a contract they've established: **Riot Games** -


I’m a member of Machinima. I’m outside of my contract term and can cancel but I don’t for the reasons you’ve mentioned (not until there’s a Strats MCN).

However, my personal opinion is that you really shouldn’t monetize your videos until turning that on can gross meaningful revenue. Otherwise, it’s just a barrier to your content that you’re putting up when you should be focusing on subscriber acquisition and building a fanbase.

It’s not worth the $50-100 bucks per month.


Maybe I’ll just wait for the Strats MCN then. :smile:

Honestly, I’ts been nothing but a headache for me. Coming from someone who produces pretty okay content for the little resources he has, I spend more time battling with the folks at Google trying to determine what is fair use and what is available vs. what I’m infringing on than actually enjoying the stuff I’m putting up.

I’ll turn off monetization for now (you’d know better than I would), but I’ll leave this here for anyone else who may be interested in it, and will still edit accordingly.


More on point, you are battling the shitty media rights laws that people 5 times older than the internet wrote.


Sidenote: You can mass validate your videos if necessary.

Go to your ‘Video Manager’ > Hit the check box at the top left > ‘Actions’ > ‘Monetize.’

I had to do it when I was switching over MCN’s. It was such a pain because my 250+ videos kept getting copyright strikes for either game music or music that I had created.


Yes, but mass validating your videos does not sidestep the process of proving each and every one, so you still have to go through individually and verify you have the rights to each. All it basically does is turn it on, but now under YouTube, doesn’t really do anything anyway.


Yuck glad I decided to stay “independent” from the spammy MCNs that have invited me so far. Granted, I only make a few bucks a month but what a terrible pitfall this sounds like.


My old YouTube channel is part of Maker Studios. Always been really good to me.

They even give you a ton of resources to use for your channel.


It’s actually the opposite: the MCN made it much easier to monetize. Staying independent probably works too. But if you ever decide to change, then go back to YouTube is where the issues arise.


Yeah doing videos of anything copyrighted is always a tricky situation. Now knowing that though if I want to switch back, to shut off my monetization first :smiley:


Youtube has announced that as of June 14th or so, they will be offering subscriptions to users who want an ad-free experience. Then they will split sub $ with those with revenue on (that said subbers partook of.)