Youtube OBS Settings?


Hey guys, I recently had the idea to start a gaming channel, I have all my gear; mic, sony vegas, OBS etc. and I’m all ready to go and start recording. Except that’s the problem, recording. The stream comes out choppy no matter what settings I use. I have a decently powerful PC (16 gigs of ram, i7 4790k, 980ti) but no matter what, it comes out in crap quality. Do you guys have settings that work extremely well for you? Or should I switch to something like shadow play or xsplit?


Nieja :slight_smile:


Hello there.

Please let us know what is your upstream, settings on OBS. We have a geek expert @Bradum who helped me test my crap internet with settings


I spent a fair amount of time testing things recently-ish; if you’re just trying to record, there’s no comparison to Shadow Play in terms of quality for resources used. If you’re trying to stream to Twitch, there are a number of factors to consider including your upload speed, which Twitch server you’re streaming to, etc. Because you refer to both “recording” and “the stream,” I can’t help narrow it down more until I know more precisely what you’re wanting to accomplish.

Your rig is plenty strong; there’s something else afoot with a strange setting or bandwidth issue :wink:


I have excellent stream settings and internet, streaming isn’t an issue for me just my record settings. I’ll be sure to give Shadow Play a go, thanks for the help :smiley:


Yeah, OBS can be a pretty big resource hog when it comes to recording :wink:


Is there any way for Shadow Play to record games that aren’t supported by Nvidia GeForce Experience?


I don’t remember there being any stipulation for that when I was testing (I used Overwatch a few months ago during my trials). I think I basically just said “do it” and nVidia was like “okay” :wink:


Overwatch is supported though, I’m thinking of a game like LawBreakers that doesn’t show up in the software


Not sure if this is relevant or not, but it seems to be related to what you’re talking about:


Yes that is definitely relevant, thank you so much :smile:


link to stream and dont forget to post it on LIVE at the discord server


Can you post your OBS recording settings (there is a separate tab for just this). I THINK i know what issue you’re encountering and would like to confirm.


Shadowplay is the best kind of play.


That rig is powerful enough to not notice a difference between shadowplay and OBS. Personally, I’d use OBS (more control).

As for recording settings… My guess is that you’re trying to record /w h.264 CPU encoding. The other option is using NVENC (GPU accelerated encoding).

At any given bitrate, h.264 will look better than NVENC… but (i believe) NVENC will be much less strssful on your system for a given quality of video, just at a much larger bitrate.

So it all depends on what you’re doing.

If you’re streaming, then you will be limited to recording at a certain bitrate (3500Kbps for Twitch), and h.264 will be the better option.

If you are recording, editing, and then posting videos to youtube… Then you can use a really high bitrate NVENC encode for recording, and then later edit it and compress it with h.264 before uploading to YouTube.