YouTube: Online Harassment via John Oliver


Most of you who know me know I’m very much against online harassment of any kind. My stream promotes a very strict “Safe Space” ruleset, and I have zero tolerance for any kind of hate speech, slurs, or otherwise derogatory chat that would otherwise make an individual feel uncomfortable or unwelcome. It is unacceptable in every single manner whatsoever, and is so ingrained in our culture, we often don’t even realize that we’re doing it most of the time.

John Oliver hosts Last Week Tonight and often puts a comedic or satirical spin on most of the issues and concerns today, and this time spoke out on this very topic. You can see that not only is this very prevalent, but how ill-equipped our society is to handle such threats. So much so, that most but the most severe cases are completely dismissed all together.

One of the quotes that really resonated with me in this video:

“…this does not just affect women in gaming; it could potentially affect any woman who makes the mistake of having a thought in her mind and then vocalizing it online.”

If you’re looking to better yourself as a person and make yourself aware of the type of harassment that women (and other minorities) face day-to-day online in both the gaming realm (and just on the internet in general) I would highly encourage you to watch this video and keep note of even your own actions.

It’s always worth re-evaluating our own actions even if we think we are doing nothing wrong. Society has made it hard to see what is wrong when it’s been practices for longer than any of us have actually ever been alive.