YouTube streaming for next Strats Weekly


I’m thinking about trying out YouTube streaming for the next Strats Weekly (Monday). If @tommy2118 is available to stream to Twitch, I’ll stream simultaneously to YouTube.

Might be interesting.


Let’s give it a go.


Anybody got a Hitbox account?


I will be driving back from Iowa next Monday. I should be home before 9:00pm EST.

Another option would be for me to install a RTMP platform using Nginx on my other system. I could stream to it locally and have the system send it to twitch and YouTube at the same time. I think I have enough bandwidth to handle it.


The benefit of streaming separately would be to let @Vocino crank the quality a bit since YouTube will accept a higher bitrate stream than Twitch (from non-partners); doing both would put you pretty close to typical non-fiber upload thresholds while simultaneously creating a single linchpin rather than a built-in backup :wink: