Zowsky's introduction to strats


Hello! My IGN is Zowsky and my IRL name is Alex and I am a 13 year old boy. I know you might think 13 is young but I am pretty mature for my age. I have tons of games and I will just list some of them. Clears throat I have: CS:GO, Planetside 2, L4D, L4D2, Unturned and Minecraft. I am friends with teri_360, _modz and Uranium52! I really enjoy gaming communites and currently I am watching _modz’s stream. I asked him what server he was playing on and he mentioned strats. I was really amazed by the community so I decided to sign up. I am a very trust worthy person. Ask teri or modz. I play frequently and love to be apart of communities. I hope you will accept my offer! Thank you Strats!



Welcome to the Dark side.


Welcome to Strats! :smile:


Thank You! Glad to be apart of this community!


Welcome aboard!


Welcome to Strats


Hiiiii @Zowsky! Welcome to Strats.

We’re a lively community so I hope that you enjoy your time here. :smiley:


Weclmoae ot Strats ym gouny pawduwan.


welcome to strats
my name is also Alex, i am 10 years older than you, but we probably sound the same!


Welcome to the best little corner of the Internet!


Welcome the more the merrier. I SAY!


Welcome, see you in the ether




Welcome to Strats


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