ZQ left the alliance



ZQ left the alliance because a member of titans? was farming in their zone. Just a heads up, kill on sight!


yeah I seen the last bit of the drama in alliance chat with Zid, im sure ZQ will be back tho like Klutch said be careful bc ZQ loves to pvp roam


in typical klutch fashion i was trolling both sides of the argument :smiley:


Just be careful, we don’t need to get too deep in any drama llamas within the alliance; so far we’ve done a pretty good job of this and I’d love it if we could make it through this beta as a guild that kept their shit together (it’ll help in political relations in live and such) :wink:


ZQ seems like a bit of a drama queen.


I mean, it’s not like they’ve done this before… :wink:


Oh I wasn’t being drama ish I was just kind of pointing out how silly zqs attitude was to them and in terms of the definition of an alliance


Still, best to not stir the pot most of the time, especially when the emotions are fresh; it only takes one or two people to give Strats a bad taste in a guild’s mouth (regardless of the validity of the commentary).


Auth = Fun Police

Gotta listen


FTFY :wink:


I’m not saying it’s your fault, or it’s not for the good of the guild. Someone has to keep us hooligans in line.

Doesn’t change the fact that you’re the fun police.


My job, in a nutshell:



Where do you find these gifs?


Full disclosure: I’ve been collecting them for years; I have a huge cache of links that I’ve labelled and sorted. Every good Community Manager needs to have a strong .gif game :wink:


You and Vocino are always on point with these things.


That is sad, I was hoping to go on a few of their PvP roams and see how they ran em…I know their kill fame is some of the highest in the game thus far…they must be doing something right out there…


Honestly it’s largely to do with quantity; they always have small packs roaming and they zerg often as well.


And my gif collection begins…


Probably true, but being able to even find that many people and getting people to engage your zerg are skills to be acquired :smile:


Just use caution when farming near their stuff… They’re pretty good distance away from us so we shouldn’t be over in their general. They are pretty seclusive when it comes to their territories so just say away from their stuff to avoid any kind of drama shinanigans.